The Soul Within


This new blog is about health but I chose the title “Body and Soul” because health is more than just taking pills and tablets prescribed by a doctor. Health comes from within, from the soul. The soul is a much underrated trait we all have, that was lost during the enlightenment of the sciences and the industrial revolution, back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Soul

But the soul defines everything we are and a long time ago everything had a soul. It’s what gave us our goal, destiny, our existence. But “we” in the west decided that all that was bunk and it was discarded along with all the other medieval superstitions.

However that was a mistake and there is a strong sense that we are more than just a concoction of bio-chemicals just obeying the laws of science. My feeling is that we’re so much more than just the sum of our parts and that most things that we don’t understand, we’ll never understand. We just have to accept that some of the fundamental truths will always be elusive mysteries to us.

I want to put things straight here and make my contribution to living in a way that’s harmonious with our soul, our inner being. That enriches and ultimately sustains us.


Making the right choices or should I say making choices that are less bad, helps by moving the health dial in our body more towards the good healthy marker. It’s a life style thing and we in the west are very fortunate in being to make healthy choices when so many people, in the rest of the world, live from hand to mouth and have to eat and drink what’s there.

Slowly but surely, you too can make a difference to your own well-being and be strong and well-nourished so that you whole body sings within its spirit.

Welcome to my blog.


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